ways to reuse empty jars/bottles

If you’ve ever gotten lost on Pinterest or tried your hand at pretty much anything DIY, you’re probably besties with one iconic piece of glassware: The Mason Jar. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny both its utility and inherent cuteness. For this month’s mega roundup, we’ve scoured the web to bring you the 100 most clever ways to repurpose a mason jar, canning jar, ball jar, or jam jar. And we promise not to use the word “jarring” more than once 😉

1. DIY Oil Lamp: It’s surprisingly easy to create your own nostalgic oil lamp, and a blue mason jar makes a very picturesque base. (via Raised in Cotton)

2. Hanging Pendant Lights: These cool pendant lights are fairly simple to make and add a homespun charm to any space. (via Woon Blog)

3. Blue Glass Lamp: Of course, you can also replace any old lamp base with a jar. (via Melissa’s Greetings)

4. Garden Jar Chandelier: Come on, how could we exclude mini mason jars from this scene? (via Michelle Kaufman)

5. Monogram Marquee: What could be more Pinterest-worthy than a vintage style marquee made of mason jars?! (via Oleander + Palm)

6. Solar-Powered Lights: We aren’t entirely sure how these work, but we really like the patterned results. (via Used and Abused on Etsy)

7. Use Fishnet as a Spray Paint Stencil: Now that’s an unexpected place to find a pair of fishnets. The patterns totally remind us of undersea creatures. (via Brit + Co.)

8. Glass Jar Typography: What an easy and lovely way to personalize jars! (via Project Wedding)

9. Lucky Jar Revamp: How cute are these jars? Draw shamrocks and write messages with puffy paint, then spray paint green. (via Yesterday on Tuesday)

10. Porcelain Pen Designs: We love the quirky lines on this trio of jars. (via Aesthetic Outburst)

11. Distressed Shabby Chic: Technically these are for sale, but we think a few different layers of spray paint could accomplish similar results. (via BeachBlues on Etsy)

12. Metallic Vases: A little inside out painting? Don’t mind if we do! Create a silver tablescape with this simple DIY project. (via Brit + Co.)

13. Moroccan-Inspired Puff Paint: Another item for sale on Etsy, we bet you could create a similar look using metallic puff paint and a bit of precision. (via LITdecor on Etsy)

14. Glitter Dipped Vases: We are always up for a new way to use glitter. These make classy vases for any occasion. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

15. Chalkboard Labels: For welcome cocktails slash name cards, add a chalkboard label to any jar you find. (via Style Me Pretty + Emmaline Bride)

16. Silhouette Jars: Remember having a silhouette drawn when you were little? Bring that aesthetic back… but on a jar! (via Lauren Elise Crafted)

17. Lego Pencil Holder: Such a genius use of the jar shape – we love the idea of making a bunch of Lego heads with different expressions. (via Handmade Charlotte)

18. Textured Typography: This typography was created using foam letters as well as puff paint. We really like how the foam letters turned out! (via The Lettered Cottage)

19. Color Block Chalk Mason Jars: Yesss! This is like a DIY trend explosion. Its got color block, chalkboard paint, and mason jars. (via Girl Loves Glam)

20. Sea Glass Jars: Created using a crafty cocktail of Elmer’s Glue and food coloring, these have just a faint sea glass inspired hue. (via Barefoot Crafting)

21. Pastel Pencil Holders: Inspired by milk glass, these pretty pastels are the perfect place to keep all your pens and pencils. (via Kootut Murut)

22. Bathroom Storage: This clever storage solution is easy as pie. (via Liz Marie)

23. Yarn + Ribbon Dispenser: We definitely wonder if this would get annoying when you encounter knots or tangles. (via Home Made Simple)

24. Pantry Organization: Such an easy way to make that pantry of yours that much more organized. (via Hot Polka Dot)

25. Sewing Kit in a Jar: Everyone — even if they don’t know it — needs a sewing kit to fix up those loose buttons. But who wants to get a sewing kit as a present? Putting it into a cleverly designed jar definitely puts the “fun” in functional gift. (via Funky Time)

26. Key Hook: This is the perfect thing for your entryway. Hooks for your keys and a jar for those fresh flowers your sweetie brings you 😉 (via Shanty 2 Chic)

27. Magnetic Spice Rack: As charming as all those mix and match spices are… maybe it’s time to get a little more organized. (via Just Call Me Miss DIY)

28. Pin Cushion: A close cousin to the full blown sewing kit, this is a great addition to any sewing scene. (via Hometalk)

29. Wall Caddy: This is probably more in the decor category, but we love the idea of making a whole bunch of these for organizing a craft room.(via Miss Paisley Pearl)

30. Hanging Kitchen Storage: Use a serious glue to attach mason jar caps to the underside of your cabinets, and you’ve got a great storage solution. (via HGTV)

31. Painted Jar Luminaries: Boo! These look more like emoticons than ghosts, and we like it. (via Crafts by Amanda)

32. Snow Globe in a Jar: A magical way to use mason jars. Nothing like gifting the beauty of the holidays. (via Julie Ann Art)

33. Advent Calendar: This is a great way to create an advent calendar you can use time and time again. Or, just make it once and fill with edible goodies. (via Studio DIY)

34. Gleeful Jam Jars: How cozy do these little darlings look? (via Dottie Angel)

35. Cupcake Gift Jar: Guess what a mason jar upside down is? The perfect cupcake holder! (via Lil Luna)

36. Treetop Jars: O Tanenbaum, o tanenbaum… 🙂 (via Mark Kintzel)

37. 4th of July Flag: Create a mini mural using a few painted mason jars. (via It All Started with Paint)

38. Mason Jar Backdrop: A whole bunch of hanging jars creates a beautifully rustic backdrop for your dessert table or even for a photo booth. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

39. Glass Jar Frames: You’ve likely seen these floating around the web – they’re an unusual way to display photos and make us think of a funhouse mirror. (via Photojojo)

40. Beachy Terrarium: Back from a recent beach vacation? Collect all your keepsakes in a sweet little jar for your mantel. (via Mom 4 Real)

41. Wooden Wall Art: This beautiful piece is a lovely way to create a wall garden in your home. (via Yesterday’s Sweetheart)

42. Glowing Firefly Jar: If you enjoyed our LED balloons, you’ll definitely love these beautiful glowing firefly jars. A fun gift for both kids and adults! (via From Panka with Love)

43. Frosted Mason Jar Vase: Use any stencils you like and frost yourself… er, your jar. (via Today’s Creative Blog)

44. Grains + Beans as Fillers: This is an easy way to add color and texture to any centerpiece or table setting. (via Brit + Co.)

45. Mason Jar Cap Wreath: But what to do with all those mason jar caps? This tutorial will show you how to create a warm winter wreath. (via Brit + Co.)

46. Cozy Winter Cuffs: Yep, you can totally wear mason jar rings as bangles. (via Brit + Co.)

47. Canning Jar Ring Pumpkin: If you’ve got a bunch of canning rings (mason jar lid rims) laying around the craft room or kitchen, put them to good use with this fun DIY pumpkin. (via Simply Klassic)

48. Balloon-Dipped Jars: We love this hack on creating the “dipped” look. (via Brit + Co.)

49. Twisted Fabric Vase: For a little more texture, take scraps of fabric and twist them around your jar. (via Mr. Kate)

50. Twig Vase: Now this is genius. Who can even tell that there’s a mason jar hiding in there? (via Garden Mama)

51. Fabric-Wrapped Floral Arrangements: We love the shabby chic look of these scrunchy-like vases. (via Martha Stewart)

52. Twine-Wrapped Vases: For a more earthy vibe, try wrapping your jars in twine. (via Vickie Howell)

53. Crocheted Jars: Now that is some talented crochet work – we especially love the colors. (via Dottie Angel)

54. Bow Tie Jars: Created for a little boy’s birthday party, bow ties add a little bit of playfulness to your jars. (via Joyful Weddings and Events)

55. Sock Sleeves: We seriously love this hack – it’s a great use for all those Christmas socks. (via Mondo Cherry)

56. Wooly Wrapped Vases: For something both colorful and crafty, look no further than wooly yarn. (via Homes)

57. Watermelon Jar: Summer means… watermelons are always in style. (via AC Moore)

58. Lace-Covered Candle Holders: We created these little luminaries by covering mason jars with sleeves from an old sweater. Very cozy 😉 (via Brit + Co.)

59. Hanging Jar Lanterns: Created for a wedding in the woods, all you need is a roll of hemp or twine to drum up a whole bunch of these rustic fixtures. (via Brit + Co.)

60. Fabric Trim Votives: So these have fabric on the inside of the jar? And apparently they are not flammable? We’re impressed. (via Fellow Fellow)

61. Jar-Shaped Candle: Not exactly a candler “holder,” this jar-shaped candle is going on our list of coolest candle shapes. And yes, that is a list. (via Huffington Post)

62. Survival Candles: Still worried about Y2K? Prepare yourself by making a whole bunch of homemade candles. These also make great candles for lighting at weddings… not just for the apocalypse. (via Teotwawki Blog)

63. Floating Candle Centerpiece: Mason jars, meet floating candles. We think you’ll get along swimmingly. (via Emmaline Bride)

64. Mason Jar Votive Lantern: Isn’t there something so retro about this lantern? (via Pigeon Toe Ceramics)

65. Rustic Hangers: Don’t you just want to wander through a field carrying one of these romantic lanterns? (via Wanelo)

66. Mason Shaker: This recently successful Kickstarter project definitely makes us want to try hacking one of our own. (via Kickstarter)

67. Etched Polka Dot Drinking Glass: Love the idea of glass etching? Stay tuned for a full tutorial on how it’s done later this week! (via A Beautiful Mess)

68. Sippy Cup: Um, can you ever be too grown up for a sippy cup? (via Rebekah Gough)

69. Welcome Cocktail Sippers: These sippy cup style dudes also make stellar welcome cocktails at weddings. (via Nicole Hill)

70. Pre-mixed Drinks: You can also mix a whole bunch of yummy cocktails beforehand! (via Yummy Wedding Food)

71. Picnic Pimm’s Cups: Speaking of which, have you tried our picnic Pimm’s Cups yet? (via Brit + Co.)

72. Mason Jar Pour Cap: Genius! Though $7 seems a little steep for something we think you could DIY. (via Amazon)

73. Mason Jar Goblets: Also known as the “redneck wine glass,” these are created by combining a candle holder with a mason jar. (via Amazon)

74. Blueberry Pancake in a Jar: Did you know you can cook pancakes in a jar? Amazing! So fun for a Sunday morning breakfast in bed. (via Boy & the Rabbit)

75. Birthday Cake in a Jar: Do you think the mason jar has a birthday? (via Babble)

76. Powdered Sugar Shaker: Genius! This would be particularly yummy for cinnamon sugar. (via The Burlap Bag)

77. Lemon Meringue Pie Cups: Okay these look insanely delicious. Love that the jars happen to be a little bit lemon-shaped. (via A Cup of Sugar… A Pinch of Salt)

78. S’mores Cake in a Jar: How can you go wrong with anything s’more? (via How Sweet Eats)

79. Rainbow Cupcakes: Color block cake push pops for the win! (via Just Easy Recipes)

81. Mini Apple Pie: SO cute! Shown as favors for a wedding, these mini apple pies make use of teeny tiny canning jars and would be great holiday gifts. Also great to make a batch if you’ve got a lot of parties to attend and want to give homemade hostess gifts. (via The Boastful Baker)

82. No-Bake Salted Caramel Cheesecake: Doesn’t the title tell you all you need to know? We can’t resist a no-bake sweet. (via Brit + Co.)

83. Jack and Coke Cake: Treat your favorite dude to a spiked sweet, complete with Jack Daniels frosting. (via Brit + Co.)

84. Mason Jar Salads: Of course, you can also go a healthier route and use a mason jar to bring lunch on the go. (via Food and Other Stuff)

85. Edible Flower Cakes in Mason Jars: It’s a flower arrangement in a jar that happens to be edible. I think my head just exploded. (via Instructables)

86. Nachos in a Jar: Love this idea for hors d’oeuvres. (via Oh So Very Pretty)

87. Herb Garden Shelf: Get some fresh herbs growing in your kitchen, no matter how little space you have. (via Food Family Finds)

88. Hanging Flower Shelf: This makes a few simple buds go a long way. (via Shelterness)

89. Succulent Favor: Grab a whole bunch of mini jars and create floral favors and name cards for your wedding guests. (via Style Me Pretty)

90. Wedding Aisle Planter: You’ve likely seen something like this on Pinterest or pretty much any wedding site, but it’s a classic we still love. (via Borrowed and Blue)

91. Mason Jar Succulent Garden: Terrariums are still the rage, and this mini succulent one is our jam. (via Home Depot)

92. Bright Painted Animal Toppers: And onto a whole of things that don’t really fit in categories. Starting with… party animals! (via Hot Polka Dot)

93. Storage for Matches: How clever is this? Sandpaper is the key for the top. (via The Burlap Bag)

94. Cupcake Jar Covers: Wait, how have we not seen this a million times before? Cupcake liners make adorable tutus for the top of a mason jar. (via Martha Stewart)

95. Soap Dispenser: Okay okay, this might be on the too cute end of the spectrum. (via Apartment Therapy)

96. Vintage-Inspired Twine Holder: These funny little beasts are here to make all your twine organization dreams come true. (via Handmade Charlotte)

97. Add a Pour Spout: Did you actually make it through an entire thing of Morton Salt? Well, then use that spout for mason jar cuteness! (via Dollar Store Crafts)

98. Easy DIY Dispenser: And what about the orange juice? 😉 (via One Good Thing by Jillee)

99. Toothpick Dispenser: Somehow a mason jar can make even toothpicks look charming. (via Eclectic Recipes)

100. Gold Animal Toppers: Wait, have we really avoided using jarring in this entire post? My word! (via Brit + Co.)

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